Funny Lighters

Chelsea Frank
11 min readMar 25, 2024



Welcome to our roundup of hilarious and unique Funny Lighters that are sure to make you crack a smile!

In this article, we’ve gathered an eclectic selection of funny lighters that are not only functional but also a fantastic conversation starter. Prepare to be entertained by these quirky, comical, and downright amusing lighter designs. Get ready to add some laughter to your next cigarette lighting experience.

The Top 5 Best Funny Lighters

  1. Funny Novelty Water Squirting Trick Cigarette Lighter Prank — Practical joke lighter: Squirting water trick to surprise and entertain friends at parties or stage tricks — a perfect gag gift!
  2. Cool and Unique Skull Torch Lighter — WEQTETJU Skull Torch Lighter: Stylish, multifunctional, and windproof, this unique metal lighter with a skull embossment is a must-have for men and a fantastic gift idea!
  3. Humorous Butane Torch Lighter: Unique and Windproof Design — Experience the laughter with this novelty windproof torch lighter that’s perfect for outdoor adventures and indoor use, powered by butane and available in black, red, and yellow colors!
  4. Unique Wind Resistant Butane Lighter for Fun Gifts — Illuminate your world with laughter and practicality, as this KAIEOMGN Butane Tube Clamp-Shaped Funny Windproof Torch Lighter is an entertaining and efficient reusable lighter for all occasions.
  5. Refillable Butane Lighter with LED Light and Adjustable Flame — Light up your novelty needs with this Butane Refillable Adjustable Flame Click to Ignite Candle Flame Lighter with LED Light, measuring 1.50" x 1.00" x 3.00" and perfect for all your funnier moments.

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Funny Novelty Water Squirting Trick Cigarette Lighter Prank


Recently, I attended a friend’s birthday party and decided to lighten the mood with a little prank. I had seen these squirting lighters in a store and thought they would be perfect as a gag gift. I filled the water-filled lighter with water and headed to the party with my real lighter in hand.

As soon as I arrived, someone asked for a light, and I quickly pulled out the squirting lighter, pretending it was my real one. When I squeezed it in their direction, they were taken aback and burst out laughing, making the rest of us laugh too. It was a great ice-breaker and conversation starter.

However, in terms of durability, I must say it wasn’t built to last long. The water-filled lighter started leaking after a few uses, and I had to refill it frequently. It was also quite difficult to squeeze, making it a bit cumbersome to use.

The product did have some fun moments, and it’s definitely a unique gift idea. But overall, I would have preferred a more sturdy and leak-proof design. So, while it did bring a few laughs to the party, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Cool and Unique Skull Torch Lighter


I recently came across this fun and unique lighter called WEQTETJU Skull Torch Lighter. With its captivating metal embossed skull design, it adds a touch of coolness to any occasion. The embossed pattern not only makes it fashionable but also stands out for its novelty.

One of the highlights is that this lighter is not just for lighting purposes; it also features a handy bottle opener function, making it incredibly useful and multifunctional. The metal material of the lighter provides a unique texture that adds to the experience, while the compact size makes it suitable for everyday carry.

Despite the cool and convenient design, I found the flame to be a bit too powerful for certain situations. The adjustable head helps regulate the flame size, which is a thoughtful feature to have. When it comes to refilling, it’s essential to follow the instructions to avoid any leakage of white gas.

The box the lighter comes in adds to its charm, with a vintage metal texture and a classic look. It makes a perfect gift for special occasions, looking thoughtful and unique, ensuring your loved ones will remember your gift as much as they enjoy using it.

Humorous Butane Torch Lighter: Unique and Windproof Design


I recently got my hands on this KAIEOMGN Tube Clamp-Shaped Butane Lighter as a unique gift for a barbecuing enthusiast friend. The novelty design was fun and the windproof torch feature was quite impressive. It really came in handy during our last barbecue, keeping the grills lit in the notorious gusty weather.

The highlight of this lighter was its butane filling, which not only provided a steady flame but was also environmentally friendly. The clamp-shaped design made it easy to hold and use it with one hand while tending to the food. However, the yellow color did fade a bit with regular usage.

The packaging was simple but practical, offering both the lighter and a protective case. The detailed instructions on how to fill the lighter with butane were helpful, especially for first-time users. Although the product came from China, the quality was quite satisfactory.

Overall, this KAIEOMGN Tube Clamp-Shaped Butane Lighter made a great gift and proved useful during our outdoor cooking sessions. Its quirky design, windproof feature, and ease of use made it a hit among my friends who loved its unique looks and functionality.

Unique Wind Resistant Butane Lighter for Fun Gifts


I recently gave the KAIEOMGN Tube Clamp-Shaped Butane Lighter a try as a fun and unique alternative to traditional lighters. Let me tell you, it certainly is a conversation starter!

The first thing that caught my eye was its cute design, which almost resembles a miniature torch. It’s not only visually appealing but also serves as a windproof torch, making it the perfect lighter for outdoor activities or camping trips.

When it comes to ease of use, the lighter is a breeze to handle. Filling it with butane is a breeze, and the instructions provided are clear, ensuring that it’s easy to liven up. One thing I did notice, however, was that the butane can be a bit tricky to get out sometimes, so be prepared for a few shakes before it’s ready to ignite.

Now, let’s talk about the actual performance of the lighter. It works like a charm and has never failed me in various situations, such as lighting candles or grilling in the backyard. The flame is easily adjustable, so you can control the intensity as needed.

In terms of maintenance, it’s quite simple. After use, you just need to turn off the flame and put it away in its protective sleeve. The butane lighter comes with a handy silicone sleeve that ensures it doesn’t get scratched or damaged while stored.

Overall, the KAIEOMGN Butane Lighter is a fun and functional addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s toolkit. Its unique design, windproof capabilities, and easy-to-use features make it a no-brainer for anybody looking to add an extra touch of humor to their lighting situation.

Refillable Butane Lighter with LED Light and Adjustable Flame


Imagine the look on my friend’s face when I handed them this quirky little Novelty Fire Extinguisher Lighter with LED Light and Butane Refillable, a perfect birthday gift! The highlight of this compact gadget is its adjustable flame, letting you control just how much heat you need. And when it’s time to get down to business, clicking it to ignite with one hand couldn’t be easier.

But there’s a little catch — make sure you turn it the right way, or you’ll end up melting the side! Other than that minor hiccup, it’s a fun and functional gift that will surely make heads turn. Plus, it’s great for those occasional moments when you need to light up a candle or torch. And hey, the built-in LED light? Now that’s just the cherry on top!

Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a funny lighter to add a touch of humor to your everyday life? Check out our fun guide to help you find the perfect one that fits your sense of humor and functional needs. Whether you’re a smoker or not, these lighthearted lighters are sure to bring a smile to your face.


Consider the Style of Lighter

There are several different styles of funny lighters available on the market, from unique designs to quirky shapes. Think about the specific humor or visual element you enjoy and seek out a style that complements your personality. You can choose from lighters with funny sayings, quirky shapes, or even those disguised as something else entirely.

Consider Quality and Durability

While a funny lighter may seem like a trivial purchase, it is still important to consider quality and durability, especially if you plan to use it frequently or gift it to someone. Look for a lighter that is well-built, with a smooth flame and reliable ignition, as well as a weather-resistant design.


Consider Flame Length and Fuel Type

Depending on the specific use for your funny lighter, you may want to consider the length of its flame and the type of fuel it uses. Some lighters may be designed for specific fuels, such as butane or propane, which can impact their performance and reliability. Additionally, the length of the flame can affect how well you can use the lighter for larger jobs like campfires or cigars.

Consider Brand Reputation

When choosing a funny lighter, it can be helpful to consider the reputation of the brand behind it. A well-established brand with a good track record of producing quality, reliable products will likely provide you with a lighter that is both funny and functional. Do your research and read customer reviews before making your final decision.



What makes a lighter funny?

A funny lighter is typically one that has been designed with unique features, creative marketing, or humorous elements that make it stand out from a regular lighter. Examples could include novelty designs, funny slogans or saying printed on the lighter, or even a gag that plays when the lighter is used.

Ultimately, what makes a lighter “funny” is subjective, but it generally refers to any lighter that brings a smile to the user’s face or adds an element of amusement to their daily routine of lighting a match or using a lighter for any other purpose. It’s all about adding a dash of humor to an everyday object!


Are these funny lighters safe to use?

Yes, despite their playful and humorous appearances, funny lighters are designed to be safe and functional. They typically follow the same safety standards as regular lighters, with the exception of added creative elements. Before purchasing, make sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications and reviews to ensure that the product meets your safety standards.

It’s also important to use any lighter, including funny ones, responsibly and under adult supervision. Never leave a lighter unattended or allow children to handle them. Proper safety measures should always be observed when using any lighter, regardless of its design or intended use. Enjoy the humor, but never forget about safety!

Are there different types of funny lighters available?

Yes, there are various types of funny lighters available in the market, catering to different interests and preferences. Some common types include novelty lighters with intricate designs or unique appearances, lighters with humorous sayings or slogans printed on them, and lighters that play a gag or joke when used.

You can also find limited edition lighters or special-edition collaborations, which often feature popular characters, movies, or celebrities. The key is to explore different options and choose one that resonates with your sense of humor and fits your personal style. With so many funny lighters available, there’s sure to be a perfect match for every occasion.


Can funny lighters be used for serious purposes?

Although designed with a focus on humor, funny lighters are still functional objects that can be used for practical purposes. They can be used to light matches, candles, or torches, and are suitable for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or barbecuing. Just because they have a humorous design or feature doesn’t mean they’re not functional.

Always check the quality and safety features of a lighter before using it for any purpose, including serious ones. Although funny lighters can be used for a multitude of purposes, it’s essential to remember that they should never be relied upon in emergency situations where a dependable, long-lasting lighter is required.

How do I clean and maintain my funny lighter?

Cleaning and maintaining a funny lighter is no different from any other type of lighter. It’s essential to keep your lighter free from dust, debris, and potential corrosive substances to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. Use a dry cloth to wipe away dirt, and avoid exposing your lighter to extreme temperatures or moisture that could cause damage.

If your lighter develops a buildup of residue from repeated use, you can soak it in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes to help loosen the buildup, followed by a thorough cleaning with a cloth. Always remember to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance of your specific lighter model.

Is it worth investing in a funny lighter?

Whether a funny lighter is worth the investment ultimately depends on your personal preferences and how much value you place on adding a touch of humor to your everyday life. If you appreciate unique, creative, or humorous designs and enjoy the idea of a lighter that brings a smile to your face, a funny lighter could be a worthwhile investment for you.

Additionally, these lighters often make great gifts for friends or family members with a unique sense of humor. Consider factors such as the price, quality, and practical use of the lighter when making your decision. If it aligns with your interests and has a reasonable price, a funny lighter can be a fun and functional addition to your collection of everyday items. Happy shopping!